Embodying gentle strength and joyful vibrancy, Louisa’s wisdom, vulnerability and courageous humanity creates a space of honour and curiosity, and an invitation to step deeper into self. With a background in dance, linguistics, art history and literature, Louisa offers a deep compassion and understanding for beings to experience and explore their whole selves through talk, dance, ritual and embodiment.

In 2015 Louisa had a powerful initiation into the necessity of self-compassion and self-care. She entered a deep and ongoing process of self-assessment and embodiment in which she realised that all healing is self-healing; that ‘help’ as it comes through the prism of self-acceptance and self-compassion is what allows healing to penetrate the layers of unworthiness, shame and habitual-self-sacrifice many of us carry. She learned that there can be no love of other without love of self.

Her longing for wholeness lead her into an exploration of all the different aspects of being – physical, emotional, psychological, sexual, spiritual, and she is passionate about creating space and opportunities for all beings to experience the wholeness that is their birthright.

She facilitates sex education and embodiment workshops, and offers guidance in the form of coaching around dance, ritual, personal alchemy and embodiment. She also offers Yoni Mapping Therapy.