A waterfall overrun by trash is a woman used, judged, disrespected and objectified.
A waterfall lovingly cared for is a woman nurtured, honoured and respected.






I’m writing this under this new moon and to contextualise further, I’m also writing this under the effects of a subtle but real biological grief that every woman who menstruates experiences each month. This being the failure to fertilise the corpus luteum and its subsequent transformation into corpus albicans.

In other words, I ovulated, and the egg that my ovary released this month was not fertilised and it is now decaying in my body. In more other words, I’m not pregnant and I’m experiencing hormonal shifts in response to this as my body prepares to bleed.

At the level of my functional personality, I’m quite happy about not being pregnant and not at all surprised, given that I am a total wanker (e.g. not participating in sexual intercourse with anyone other than myself). I’m also happy because I already have more than enough children.

Regardless of how my personality feels however, my body is grieving the death of this egg and confronting its failure in the deeper biological goal of procreation.

So I’m aware that this accounts for some of the sadness and despair I’m feeling in this moment. As a living embodiment of the feminine principle this is not irrelevant.

It’s a challenging place to write from. Let’s see how it unfolds.

I’m in New York, en route to Australia after spending two weeks in the Dominican Republic. I feel despair at the state of the planet.

I can’t stop thinking about this one particular place I went to the in the DR that was incredibly beautiful. It’s called the jacuzzi. The water was crystal clear, coming straight off the mountains down this delightful rocky cascade into a frothing pool, it was like swimming in a glass of champagne. But better.

But it was overrun by trash.

So I’m running fantasies about going back and adopting this place and cleaning it up. I’d love to do this, but I know this is saviour mentality and deeper down I know that this would be like putting a bandaid on a visible skin cancer. And, who the fuck am I to come in a tell people how to live.

The real change needs to happen at a much deeper level anyway, it’s a cultural shift that is needed.

So my fantasy shifts gear to moving to the DR and creating campaigns for raising awareness around single use plastics/styrofoams, and introduce re-usable water bottles etc… and then I realise that for a huge percentage of the people living hand to mouth there the capacity to care for the environment is limited. They’re flat out surviving themselves.

How much can we expect from ourselves, from others, when we are essentially slaving in a system that sees us/nature as replaceable/inexhaustible/irrelevant?

The best and brightest of my ideas/energy/capacity, and the ideas/energy/capacity of most of us, for the most part, go unexplored/under-utilised because we are all at some level hustling to make ends meet.

I know there’s a ‘you make your own reality’ vibe in the conscious community that suggests that once an individual actualises enough or does the requisite de-conditioning that all manner of fruits will be available to them, and I subscribe to this at some level.

But, and it’s a big but, cause I like big buts I cannot lie, this BYPASSES essential discourse around creating shifts in culture that benefit not just the individual but the whole. A LIVING WAGE or BASIC INCOME or something like this is needed in order to free up the brilliance and ingenuity of humanity, because we are that. We are brilliant and creative, New York is a testament to that.

Fuck what a trip NY is, looming, immense, intense, epic, intricate, complex, layered. The density and dimensionality of humanity is beyond words. I’m experiencing it as a permutation of nature, not as something outside of or done to or with nature because I see that we are the earth’s technology, and so we are essentially technology creating technology. The fractal is evident and inescapable. And that is somewhat terrifying.

I feel lonely. Possibly because my biology is grieving, but also because I am suspended between two worlds/homes in a place that is other worldly to me.

I also visited numerous waterfalls in the DR that were pristine and lovingly cared for by locals, I’ve included some of these photos.

What I realised before I sat down to write this is that the waterfall overrun by trash, and the waterfalls loving cared for, were perfect representations or motifs for unhealthy and healthy sexuality.

It brought home for me, once again, why I feel the work we do around sexuality is so important.

Not only is it important on a personality level – to feel free from inner and outer judgement, to access more pleasure, to connect more intimately and meaningfully with our lovers, for our children to be able to name their genitalia and not feel shame or fear to speak of or be natural with their bodies, it is important because it is through our connection with our bodies and our sexuality that we connect each day with the earth, with nature. We are the earth. We are nature.

A waterfall overrun by trash is a woman used, judged, disrespected and objectified.

A waterfall lovingly cared for is a woman nurtured, honoured and respected.

How is your waterfall?

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This is my why.


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