into the waters
of dark matter
we dive
and our outward undulance
leaves a symmetry
of concentric circles
by which we are finally
but also
in the notspace
of some
where two minds meet.
in a parentheses of embrace
and from this origin of stillness
recognising recognition
collecting sharing collating comparing
this iridescence of data
scribing on soulskins
an encyclopaedic account of
all the above
all the below,
drawing diagrams in the sky
between us
to see
what you see
what i see
what we see
and ultimately
to see beyond
the act of seeing.
To one another we
gentle intimations
of cosmic lullabies
and hopeful shy reminders
of where we are going
of where we came from
of how to leave
and of how to get there.
Daily, we traverse distance
transcending separation
to remind one another
of how to be:
the seed, the seen, the seer, the sower
the child, the lover, the parent, the maker.
We speak to one another all the hows:
how to untether all the tendrils holding everything in
to better step into flow,
how to awaken the body from a desert’s silence
to better step into rapture,
how to make a path out of the minutiae of modernity
to better step outside of time,
how to defy the tininess of domesticity
how to defy the logistics of constraint
how to defy!
and how to create,
and all these gentle/firm invitations
by the simple existence
by the ongoing presence
Near and far, near and far
within and without, within and without
repeating rhythms
keeping time
taking time
wasting time
losing time
making time
taking time
all the time
illustrating the illusion
with humour, hurt, and heaven
hoping always
for more of your
precious now
more of your
because here in this notspace
i do not miss
my disbelief
i lay down my burdens of knowing
and take up wonder
we write a new language
heavy with symbology
artful with augmented meaning
you follow numbers into landscape
and feed me just the crumbs
i can understand
and we rebel
for sheer elation
and we dream
of impossible possibles and possible impossibles
and all the walls of suspended knowing
finally disappear
til we stand at the centre
of a vast nothing
just the exploding asterisk of our minds
as the infinite unfurls.
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