Louisa offers the following services:

Yoni Mapping Therapy

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Workshops with the Yoniverse. These are ground-breaking, transformative whole day workshops for MEN and for WOMEN exploring women’s arousal, pleasure, orgasm, intimacy and relating. Please see the YONIVERSE website for details of the next series of workshops in your area.

1:1 Coaching – Louisa’s niche is supporting men and women alike to use their own sexual practice to close the gap between their inner and outer realities.

Sex, the single most powerful act any of us are capable of, when consciously approached, understood, and honoured can become the means by which we do our most potent and necessary healing, of ourselves, and of one another. It’s where we can hold space for ourselves to disarm the trauma, dismantle the weapons of self-loathing and soften into the exquisite surrender of wholeness and homecoming.

Louisa advocates for the individual to go within. Slowly. Gently. Lovingly. Creatively. Thoughtfully. Therapeutically. Artfully. 

She aims to equip individuals with a series of embodiment tools for self-exploration as a means of dismantling and disarming the conditioning around sexuality that we have all been subject to.

In doing the deep embodiment work (which looks much more like play), we come into direct relationship with our own sexuality and simultaneously into a more immediate and whole expression of our individuality. It is activism, and actualisation through sex. Self-focused at first, but with a view to communion with our intimate partners.